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What was life like for you the first week you brought home your newborn? It’s so full of love, excitement, fatigue. There are so many emotions that fill your soul when you bring home your newborn that sometimes it feels like a blur. Take the time to pause, breathe it in and capture these moments before they pass.

Getting to capture these moments for families means the world to me. Rikki reached out to me a few years ago to do a styled shoot in Joshua Tree for her wedding rental company. I had no idea we were actually related (she married my second cousin). Over the years, I have been blessed to watch her oldest grow and now I get to watch her little one grow as well.

Welcome to the world Landrey Jean. You are so loved by all those around you.

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Welcome Home Newborn Family Session


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It amazes me how fast all these little munchkins grow in such a short amount of time. Funny story, I photographed Nora’s mom and dad almost two years ago (a couples session) and they didn’t know they were pregnant at the time!

This little lady is such a fireball! She refused to wear the flower crown her mama brought for her. Like absolutely refused. She wanted nothing to do with it. So, we placed it at the base of the cake stand and it was darling. Nora and her family went to the lake after her session, and guess what… She gladly wore the flower crown without any fuss. Sometimes (well, all the time) the toddlers decide how the session will go. And you just have to roll with the punches!

It is always a pleasure getting to photograph families as they grow! I am excited to watch little miss Nora grow!

Nora’s First Birthday


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It all started when I used every penny of my Christmas and birthday money to buy myself a bright orange underwater point and shoot Olympus camera.

At 12 years old, I didn't quite know how or why I was so drawn to it, but I knew I was never going to put down my camera. And here I am, over 15 years (and some major camera upgrades later) and I still haven't put my camera down.


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