Bowser Backyard Wedding

Priscilla and Patrick are two of the most kind souls I have ever met. They reached out me me over a year before their wedding date and told me all about their day. It was a backyard wedding with their closest family and friends. I met up with them at the house to scope out the backyard and to give some advice on where to set things up for lighting. Little did I know, that a few months later, my parents would be buying the house next door. When my parents sent me the address to their new house (so I could drive by and check it out) I was shocked that I was doing the wedding next door! It seems like fate at this point! So, of course, on Priscilla and Patrick’s wedding day, may parents opened up their yard as well so we could take photos up until the ceremony without guests seeing them. It was absolutely perfect! Their ceremony setup was nothing I had ever seen before! The chairs were set up around a circular pad so all their guests could surround them during the ceremony. There was one small problem… How was Priscilla going to get to the ceremony site with the pool in the way… without having to go completely around the pool? We brainstormed all the options (none of which seemed to be the best option) and then it hit us! How about we go OVER the pool. This seemed like an impossible task until my dad offered to build a bridge. He works in metal fabrication and can build literally anything, so he came up with a design for a simple bridge that extended over the length of the pool. Overall, it was over 20 feet long and was absolutely perfect for all the wedding party to cross over into the ceremony site. I am forever grateful for these two and the trust they put into me to be more than just their photographer for their wedding day.



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