AutoCamp Yosemite Intimate Wedding

February 22, 2022 will always hold a special place in my heart. Felicia and Stephanie reached out to me over two years ago to photograph their Autocamp Yosemite wedding. I was taken aback when they told me they wanted to book a wedding on a Tuesday. I am always down for a mid-week wedding. Then it dawned on me – TWOsday. This date was only going to happen once in our lifetimes. And I was honored that Felicia and Stephanie chose me to celebrate this one in a lifetime moment with them. Leading up to their day, we anticipated some snowfall, but we did not expect to experience every single season within a few hours. It was snowing when I arrived, then the sun came out. Then it started to rain, which eventually turned into hail and then back to the most beautiful floating little snowflakes. It was truly such a beautiful day. Felicia and Stephanie explained to me that they were planning on having a traditional Native American Wedding. I had never experienced this type of ceremony before, so naturally, I was very excited. I will never forget what an amazing experience their ceremony was – it was so intimate, yet involved every guest. I had never experienced a ceremony as interactive as theirs, it was truly magical.



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